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Andi Kidd is one of the most impressive bunkai teachers I have worked with. His ceaseless exploration of the pragmatic aspects of our tradition have seen him develop a way of approaching kata that is very holistic.
Andi is not one to be trapped by dogma, but instead he questions deeply and it is this approach that ensures what he teaches is always focused on the core traditional values of functionality and practicality. It's not just Andi's material that sets him apart, it's also the way in which he delivers that material.
Andi is a warm and humorous guy who is able to effectively communicate his thinking. I highly recommend Andi to anyone who wants to practise karate in an logical and open-minded way.

- Iain Abernethy - header

I first met Andi in 2006 whilst on our Introductory Instructor weekend course. Andi immediately stuck out from the others, not just because of his friendly demeanour - and awful jokes! But because of his outstanding ability to apply Traditional Shotokan Karate. Since then we've trained at each other's clubs and become good friends. I recently had the honour to run a joint Bunkai seminar with Andi and the feedback on his approach was fantastic - his jokes have improved too! Andi has the unique ability to uncomplicate Kata and enable others to apply kata with realism at the forefront. Andi is fast establishing himself on the Bunkai seminar circuit as he provides courses for independent karate groups - as well as his very own "Bunkai Bash". Check him out!

- Rakesh Patel 5th Dan - header

I’ve been studying Martial Arts since 1979 and been very fortunate to have trained with some of the best Traditional Karate Bunkai experts in the world….I would say that Andi Kidd is one of the small number of people that I would unreservedly recommend to anyone seeking instruction in practical and no nonsense effective self-protection and Kata Bunkai Analysis and application.
Andi’s teaching style is dynamic and fluid with lots of enthusiasm, his personality and outgoing teaching style is infectious and you can’t help but feel a connection with him after being in his presence for only a few minutes

- Jamie Gray 4th Dan and MAI Hall of Famer - header

Andi Kidd is one of my favourite instructors to train with.  Since I first met him in 1997 he has been concerned with training in karate as a self-defence method.  He taught me some of the first practical bunkai I ever learned.  He has trained with many of the top teachers in the world in this field, and has an extensive knowledge of how to train karate as a pragmatic self-defence system.  He is also an excellent instructor who can put forward his ideas in an informative, logical and humorous way.  I always enjoy his training sessions and seminars, and highly recommend his approach.  He is a skilled technician and a real gentleman.

- James Brodie Lawrence – Bath header

Andi Kidd is an enthusiastic student of karate and kata bunkai. Through his study he has built up a deep and interesting understanding of karate and its practical applications. He is also an excellent karate instructor. I highly recommend him as someone who should be on your list instructors to train with.

- Colin Steel – 4th Dan header

I have known Andi for a great many years. He is hugely knowledgable in bunkai and his classes are always extremely informative, yet he is exceptionally down to earth, friendly and approachable. I highly recommend him.

– Dave Paine 4th Dan- Wantage and Vale karate header

I have trained with Andi on numerous occasions,. He has a wealth of experience in reality based karate and shares his knowledge effectively, his teaching style is relaxed and good humoured

– Paul - Hereford header

Karate’s traditional kata hold the key to many practical, self defence applications and Andi helps unravel these in a clear, fun and enthusiastic way

– Garry Charlton – Shotokan Karate Friendship Alliance - Cheltenham header