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Precepts, WAR and Peace

Part of the requirements for Genjitsu Dan grades is the writing of an essay. This requisite is so that students can explore and expand on ideas at a deeper level than in a normal dojo setting. It also gives the instructors an insight into their personal philosophy of karate training. Some students hate the task and find it much harder than the physical component, others enjoy the challenge.

Sometimes these essays go above and beyond what is required of them and this composition by Gary Charlton is one of those occasions. Gary has put a piece of work together that deserves more than being in the Genjitsu databanks and is much more than just another grading essay. This is an excellent piece of work that deserves a much bigger audience and with that in mind we decided to put it out onto the web for more people to enjoy.

I hope you appreciate this work as much as I did and I hope that Gary will write some more articles in the future.

And by the way, he did pass his grading.

Precept, WAR and Peace book
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A Whiter Shade of Pale

It’s happened to all of us – hasn’t it? You’re at a wedding or birthday party and suddenly ‘Wooo-oo-oooo – ooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ the dulcet tones of Carl Douglas over the speakers signalling yet another play of the 1974 classic ‘Kung-Fu fighting’.

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A Tale of Two Bag Hooks

We had finally got the new bag hook up on the wall. As we train at a community centre it had to be a folding bag hook but finally it was up there.
‘Well lets christen it shall we?’ I said, and with that we hung the brand new bag on its brand new chains on the brand new hook.

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Christmas Break Training

Well I looked out the window with delight, the grey drizzling clouds of the last few days had gone, just as the man on the BBC weather report the night before had predicted. The sky was blue with some wisps of white cloud and the sun was shining. Fantastic.

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